100% Western Red Cedar Products

BKB Cedar Manufacturing was established in September 2013 in McBride BC Canada.
We manufacture and supply Western Red Cedar post and rail fencing for many stores across Canada to the US.
By producing post and rail fencing we have an abundance of Western Red Cedar mulch & chips perfect for all your landscaping needs. We are a family based locally owned business and proudly stand by the quality and consistancy of our product.

Split Rail Fencing

Our Western Red Cedar split rail fencing is made from premium grade cedar from the Robson Valley in McBride B.C Canada. Western Red Cedar split rail is more weather resistant than other wood fences. The Western Red Cedar resists insect infestation. When left uncoated the Western Red Cedar will weather to a silver grey making it look more rustic.

Cedar split rail fencing is an inexpensive type of fencing that's simple to install. It's a great border fence for your yard that won't block veiw around the yard. Cedar is less prone to rotting or blackening, making it more hardy than other types of wood fence. This type of fencing is great for keeping livestock in.

Design Your Red Western Red Cedar Fencing

Choose a two or three rail fence with an 8' or 10' rail. Our Western Red Cedar split rail fencing is available in the following sizes:

10' Standard Rail
8' Standard Rail
5'4" 2 Hole Line Post
5'4" 2 Hole End Post
5'4" 2 Hole Corner Post
6'6" 3 Hole Line Post
6'6" 3 Hole End Post
6'6" 3 Hole Corner Post

Finish your Post & Rail fencing project with a beautiful Gate
2 Rail or 3 Rail Gates available in 42" or 126"

Western Red Cedar Mulch

Red Cedar Mulch

Western Red Cedar mulch & chips are organic material, typically shredded bark or wood. Mulch comes from the bark of a cedar tree. Chips come from the wood fiber. Using mulch helps to minimize weed growth, insulates the soil from heat and cold and maintains moisture.
The rich beautiful tones of Western Red Cedar mulch will lighten up any landscape.

Why should you choose Western Red Cedar Mulch?

  • Unlike other mulches cedar decomposes slowly taking years to break down so your beds will need to be replenished less often
  • Using Western Red Cedar mulch gives you the wonderful scent of cedar not available with other wood mulches. The delightful aroma also helps to repel bugs
  • As the cedar slowly decomposes it releases nutrients back into the soil. Dyed mulches are most likely ground up pallets which give no nutrients back into the soil.
Western Red Cedar Mulch

Western Red Cedar Mulch

Shredded cedar mulch creates an airy light layer over the soil. It’s fine texture works best with smaller plants such as annuals and perennials. Mulch minimizes weed growth, insulates from the heat or cold and holds in the moisture.

Western Red Cedar Chips

Western Red Cedar Chips

Cedar Chips are best used in beds with larger plants, bushes and trees due to the more dense nature. Cedar chips work great on walk ways, playgrounds etc. Cedar chips have many of the same qualities as the mulch.


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Canadian Contact - Raj Basran
Phone: 250-569 -7308
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US Contact - Gary Hayes
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